I came to Verdurous Me through an internet search for biofeedback. I had had some major life changes that I was not coping well with and I needed help with that. The biofeedback and the tools presented therein have taught me new ways to deal with my stress and to focus on the better things in life. I am now able to handle the situations that were troubling me. I also have tools from the course that I can use to deal with anything that comes up in the future.

~ Susan M.



I enjoyed the coaching on mindful eating for healthy living with Reina. It was a great start to motivate me in the direction of mindful eating and exercise. Reina was very informative and knowledgeable. She had many helpful tips for improving my eating and exercising routine. It was helpful in improving my outlook toward attaining my goals. I am more aware of the importance of the eating process.
I would highly recommend Reina to family and friends

~ Nicole Z.



Erica LOST 40lbs.
I had searched on my own and nothing made sense. Reina made nutrition really easy to understand. I now think about what I’m eating, need over want and drinking more water over soda. Not drinking any sugary and carbonated things really has helped. I have learned very much from Reina. Thank you for your help and I appreciate the time that was taken to help me.

~ Erica S.



Verdurous Me Interactive Wellness Center Receives 2017 Best of Wixom Award: Each year, the Wixom Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Wixom area a great place to live, work and play.
Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2017 Wixom Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Wixom Award Program and data provided by third parties.

~ Wixom Award Program



When I first joined Verdurous Me I was a mess, both physically and mentally. I had been struggling with foot pain for over four years and had the added bonus of a recent back injury. These physical injuries, which caused me to modify my usually active lifestyle, were also causing me anxiety and depression. After an initial meeting/assessment with Leesa, I started doing one on one Pilates. I remember showing up to one of my first lessons after not sleeping most of the night (due to insomnia caused by the anxiety) and being upset, but still going through the workout since I knew it was good for me. I barely knew Leesa at the time, but I still remember her telling me at the end of that session, “the world needs to hear that great laugh of yours.” It was then that I knew she had a special gift. She didn’t just see all of my issues, limitations and insecurities. She saw ME. And she saw the real me at a time when I had forgotten who I was.

That was over a year ago, and in that year I have made more progress than I ever thought possible. I have continued with one on one Pilates and also added in Life Coaching and group Pilates classes. During this time, I also worked in conjunction with a therapist and a psychiatrist to make sure that I was covering all aspects of my mental health. Through this combined approach, both my physical and mental health were addressed and improved. I am back to being “ME”.

It is hard to put into words everything that Leesa has done for me. Her talents are so diverse and she has helped me just as much with mobility, imbalances, gait, and strength as she has with understanding the neuroscience of pain, chemical imbalances, and the power of simple joys. She does all of this with genuine kindness, empathy, and humor – often going above and beyond to help her clients. For me that meant texting encouragements anytime I needed them and analyzing the 12 pairs of shoes I bought on Zappos to help me pick the best one.

I would not be where I am today without Verdurous Me and this holistic approach to wellness. For the first time in 5 years, I am happy to say that I am well. And my wellness was not obtained from a silver bullet or a magic solution – it was through hard work with the support of an amazing person. I am beyond grateful that I found Leesa and look forward to working with her for many years to come.

~ Liz C.



My quality of life was dramatically improved since participation in Dr. Nisha Chellam’s Wellness Program which included Interactive Wellness Life Coaching at the Verdurous Me Interactive Wellness Center.
I have been looking for a Functional Medicine physician for years. One who would be proactive in working with me to obtain optimal health without the use of medical drugs. I found such a physician in Dr. Nisha Chellam and participated in her Wellness Program. The Wellness Program provided me with expert health guidance and mentoring through informative workshops and classes including educational manuals and videos. In addition, medical blood work and saliva tests were conducted to determine where I was deficient and what supplements and lifestyle changes were needed to maximize my health. Coaching was also available for a nine week diet that included an integrative detox system.
Prior to discovering the Wellness Program I suffered from a nerve issue in my neck which lead to debilitating headaches. My quality of life went from a 9.5 out of 10 to a 1 in a four month period. After seeing many medical specialists, tests, medications and hospitalization my condition worsened. I discovered, on my own, that my issue could not be cured with nerve blocks, medications, of other medical procedures. Physical therapy was needed to improve body posture to alleviate pressure on nerves in my neck. This is where the physical fitness portion of Dr. Chellam’s Wellness Program, Interactive Wellness with Leesa Hansknecht, helped me tremendously by preventing any setbacks with my neck and improving other physical issues. Verdurous Me has a great staff and a wealth of knowledge on body mechanics, overall physical fitness and does a great job of motivating you
My highest possible recommendation for Holistic ICONs Wellness Program including Interactive Wellness Life Coaching at the Verdurous Me Interactive Wellness Center. If you listen and are willing to work these professionals can turn your life around or help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

~ Mark J.



I’ve been taking Pilate’s for just over a year and a half. These classes have become an integral part of my week and further supplement my workout routine with necessary additional stretching and resistance. Instructors are knowledgeable, patient and able to pinpoint individual areas for improvement. They work with you as a group, but also individually. If you are limited in movement, they will suggest alternatives to make you stronger which allows you to get where you want to be. They not only helped me become physically stronger, they have also helped me nutritionally by reviewing my diet and making recommendations for change. I can’t go a week without taking one of their classes!

~ Elaine



I started this journey at 185lbs and when I finished Nutrition Coaching, I was 176lbs. I started at about 12% body fat and ended at about 10.2% body fat. I changed jobs and was able to control the amount of stress that I put on my body. I started keeping my bedtime and was able to wake up and run at 6:30 in the morning. I started running with a college cross country team again just for something to do so I was running in the morning about 7 miles by myself and about 6-9 miles in the afternoon with the team. I am currently 170lbs and 9.4% body fat and am trying to get down to about 8%.
The one thing that I hope you get out of this is that I never really changed the amount of what I was doing, I just changed what I was putting into my body. Whoever reads this I hope it helps, it’s all about your diet! It always truly will come back to your diet. No matter what!

~ Jonathon
EliteTrack and Cross-Country Athlete



I am blessed with fibromyalgia. Blessed because it has taught me so much about myself and brought me to yoga. I had tried many approaches to living with fibromyalgia; acupuncture, electronic pulse massage, special diets, traditional massage, Chinese medicine, chiropractic treatments and dietary supplements among others. Nothing has helped me as much as yoga. Yoga gives me tools for dealing with the pain, brain fog, stiffness, fatigue and sleep issues related to fibromyalgia. Yoga has taught me to be responsible for my own body and mind. I always feel better both physically and emotionally after a class. I am grateful for this ancient science and believe that it has a lot to teach us in our modern world.

~ Esther



I’ve been doing Pilates for more than two and a half years and love the fact that I can both work my muscles and stretch them out in the same class. After I broke my ankle, I worked 1:1 to regain the muscle tone and balance throughout my body that were lost or uneven due to almost 2 months of cockeyed mobility on a scooter and immobilizing boot. VM coaches are extremely knowledgeable and professional, and make sure that exercises are individually adjusted as needed. They have a lot of energy and brings much fun to every class!

~ Jan



I have been a client since May 2015, and during this time, have met one on one to work on specific goals to address my physical needs and lead me on a path to improve my overall wellness. My coach is most knowledgeable in her field of study and is able to assess the areas that are in need of improvement and the “trouble” areas that are medically problematic to me that were caused by earlier injuries. She chooses exercises and designs a plan that is individual to my needs and does not follow a “cookie cutter” plan. She has high expectations but is also funny and light hearted which makes you forget how hard you are working. She puts her all into each exercise session and really wants her clients to succeed; it’s “personal” for her.
I know how much she has helped me: I can move more easily and am not so winded when I exercise and my cholesterol has dropped to the lowest level it has been in years. This makes all the difference in the world!

~ Kimberly



Verdurous Me is the best! Prior to starting Pilates in March 2013, I had a chronic lower back problem that would flare up quite often and cause a lot of discomfort. Verdurous Me Interactive Wellness Coaching is wonderful at leading you through a set of exercises that specifically address your situation. Thanks to their help, I have been pain free for a long time now, and am very comfortable doing the advanced Pilates exercises each week. Thanks VM!

~ Raju



When I came to Verdurous Me my goal was to be able to walk normally again and get back into better physical shape. I have been able to gradually do things and notice changes weekly. I will continue and keep on working as hard as I can.

~ Linda
A retired mom who has suffered scoliosis for most of her life