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Take a step towards SMILES. Our professional coaches are here to help you with decisions that brighten each day.

Home life, work life, family planning, social life can all cause anxiety and stress, but with the right tools, guidance and support you can still find peace, happiness and joy.

At the Verdurous Me Interactive Wellness Center, we help YOU live a better life.


Live your Life BETTER!

Bring joy to General Life Situations
Family (Adult & Children) Sessions Included
Wellness Portfolio Development
Build POSITIVE Relationships
Enhance your Outlook on life
Create new Triggers and Move Forward
It’s time to LIVE HAPPY:
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Women of all ages face a variety of difficulties in life every day. In this group, all are open for discussion. Group begins with calming the mind and body through meditation and stretching and continues on to topics chosen by the group or the group coach. Communication is encouraged, but not demanded, and positive, supportive respect is encouraged of all participants. Personal information is kept confidential.



Substance abuse affects more than just the addict. Loved ones of those that abuse substances suffer as well.

Group support programs have been proven to greatly help:
• Express your thoughts and feelings in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.
• Come together with those who understand and support one another with words of encouragement and strength.
• Learn about addiction and be able to understand ways to help your loved one.

Take the first step and come to a support group session. Everyone is welcome.


PARENTS SUPPORTING PARENTS: Children with Special Needs Support

Raising a child with special needs can be rewarding but challenging, and finding the necessary resources to support your child’s needs can be an ongoing battle. While parent may deal with each need uniquely, having the support of others that can understand is important. In support group parents share their experiences, suggestions and resources, offering much needed comfort and companionship on these challenging journeys. Every child and situation is unique and we are here whatever the diagnosis.


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