An evidenced-based program for aiding stress reduction, anxiety reduction or weight reduction.

WHAT IS Resilience Coaching with BIO-FEEDBACK?
Biofeedback is communication with your body. It can resonate in a variety of ways. A couple of examples: when a muscle is overworked, it may ache or if you have been bitten by an insect, you notice an itch. Communication from the body about internal stress can be much harder to comprehend. Our programs use BIOFEEDBACK TECHNOLOGY to teach you to better interpret the messages your body sends.


Stress affects the body Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.


Resilience Coaching for Weight Loss – 12 Week Segment
Resilience Coaching for Anxiety – 8 Week Segment
Resilience Coaching for Stress- 8 Week Segment
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We are currently seeking individuals who are interested in being a part of our biofeedback trial. The Verdurous Me Wellness Center Biofeedback Program includes electronic monitoring of your normal autonomic bodily functions (like heart rhythms, pulse and breathing) to assess how well you process external control in your daily activity. The data collected is then utilized, with specific program tools, to train you to acquire voluntary control of your automatic functions. The Biofeedback application is used to help prevent or treat a variety of anxiety and stress related conditions as well as aide in weight reduction.

If you qualify as a candidate, you will have the opportunity to experience one of our Biofeedback Programs free of charge in return for your feedback and full completion of the trial. In order to determine if you are a candidate, you are REQUIRED to participate in one of our BIOFEEDBACK INTRODUCTION WORKSHOPS. Workshop participation is mandatory for all trial participants prior to selection.

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IS Resilience Coaching with BIOFEEDBACK FOR ME?

With biofeedback, you learn to reduce stress and anxiety, develop self-regulation skills and build mental and emotional resilience. You can increase your internal awareness and develop more self-empowerment skills to achieve the health you want. If these are needed in your life, then YES, RESILIENCE COACHING WITH BIOFEEDBACK IS FOR YOU.

It is not an event or situation that creates stress. It is how we respond to it. Emotions have a powerful impact on the human body. Positive emotions like appreciation, care and kindness feel good and are good for us. They help the systems in our body synchronize and work better. Research has shown when we intentionally shift to a positive emotion, the heart rhythms immediately change. This shift in heart rhythms creates a favorable cascade of neural, hormonal and biochemical events that benefit the entire body.

HOW DOES Resilience Coaching with BIOFEEDBACK WORK?

When we are stressed, the body is out of sync. The depleting emotions we feel, like anger, frustration, anxiety and worry, lead to disorder in the nervous system. Renewing emotions like appreciation, care and kindness create order which is called coherence. Coherence leads to mental clarity, creativity, and resiliency. In biofeedback sessions you are given tools to achieve a state of optimal function, characterized by increased synchronization, harmony, and efficiency in the interactions within and among the physiological, cognitive, and emotional systems. We call this state psycho-physiological coherence.

Using biofeedback technology your coherence state is objectively measured allowing you to understand your various systems and learn how to interact with them for positive result. Focusing on the pattern of the rhythm of heart activity and its relationship to emotional experience you will begin to realize the major pathways by which the heart communicates with the brain and body. This will allow you to recognize how signals generated by the heart continually inform emotional experience and influence cognitive function.


In human language, abstract symbols like words, numbers, graphical figures, and even gestures and vocal intonations are used to encode the meaning conveyed in a message. In physiological systems, changes in chemical concentrations, the amount of biological activity, or the pattern of rhythmic activity are common means by which information is encoded in the movement of energy to inform system behavior. Because of this, specific emotions are associated with distinct patterns of physiological activity.


Coherence HRV

The heart plays a central role in the generation and transmission of system-wide information essential to the body’s function as a coherent whole. Scientific studies have shown that the rhythmic patterns of heart activity is directly associated with the subjective activation of distinct emotional states, and that the heart rhythm pattern also reflects changes in emotional states. The heart is the most consistent and dynamic generator of rhythmic information patterns in the body. Operating independently of the brain, the heart functions in multiple body systems and is thus uniquely positioned to integrate and communicate information across systems and throughout the body. Of all the bodily organs, the heart possesses by far the most extensive communication network with the brain.
Emotions are reflected in heart rhythm patterns.
The heart rhythm pattern shown in the top graph, characterized by its erratic, irregular pattern (incoherence), is typical of stress and frustration. The bottom graph shows an example of the coherent heart rhythm pattern that is typically observed when an individual is experiencing sustained, modulated positive emotions.


Meditation and relaxation techniques can be inappropriately thought to induce psycho-physiological coherence when they are combined with specific breathing techniques, because certain paced breathing rhythms can induce the physiological coherence mode. While specific rhythmic breathing methods may induce heart rhythm coherence and physiological entertainment for brief periods, cognitively-directed paced breathing is difficult for many people to maintain for more than about one minute. However, individuals can intentionally maintain coherence for extended periods by sustaining a heart-focused positive emotional state through biofeedback.

Through Resilience Coaching with Biofeedback, self-regulation of emotional experience can be achieved, which is a key requisite to the intentional generation of sustained positive emotions—the driver of a shift to coherent patterns of physiological activity.

In our Resilience Coaching program, a series of tools and techniques are taught and data tracked to provide a systematic process that enables people to self-regulate emotional experience and reliably generate the psycho-physiological coherence mode.

Benefits of Psycho-physiological Coherence
Coherence is a highly efficient mode that confers a number of benefits to the system.

• Improved short-term blood pressure control and increased respiratory efficiency
• Inhibition of pain signals and sympathetic outflow
• Increased fluid exchange, filtration, and absorption between the capillaries and tissues which increases self-healing
• Increased ability of the cardiovascular system to adapt to circulatory requirements
• Increased metabolic efficiency
• Significant reductions in key health risk factors (e.g., blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol)

• Promotes a calm, emotionally balanced demeanor
• Improves alertness and responsiveness conducive to cognitive and task performance, including problem-solving and decision-making
• Enhances activities requiring perceptual acuity, intentional focus, coordination, and discrimination
• Individuals generally experience a sense of enhanced subjective well-being during coherence due to the reduction in extraneous inner “noise” generated by the mental and emotional processing of daily stress
• Increases harmony in bodily processes
• Many also report increased intuitive clarity and efficacy in addressing troublesome issues in life.

The use of coherence-building interventions has been documented in numerous studies to give rise to significant improvements in key markers of both physical and psychological health. Significant improvements in several objective health-related measures have been observed, including immune system function and the DHEA/cortisol ratio.


• Significant reductions in depression, anxiety, anger, hostility, burnout, and fatigue
• Increases in caring, contentment, gratitude, peacefulness, and vitality.
• Improvements in health status and quality of life


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