Massage – Healing Through Human Touch

Massage – Healing Through Human Touch

By: Charlann Walker

We have all heard that there are benefits of massage for our overall health.  The benefits take up pages when googled. The cases, situations, and individuals all vary in diverse degrees, because human touch has had positive results since our origins.  But, do you know the how or why this is? Let me take you on a little journey of my understanding.

The first written text on massage therapy was found in China from 2700 BC. We have been using massage as a means of complementary medicine even before iron was used for tools. In dealing with the human body, as any health care professional knows, you are dealing with the whole body and all of its complex systems (i.e. cardiovascular, endocrine, lymphatic, musculoskeletal, nervous, etc., systems). Massage therapists, therefore, must know how to navigate emotional responses properly to gain productive mind-body interactions for an individual.

While the results of massage and pain reduction is difficult to measure, because of  numerous limitations and variables encountered with each person’s experience, the results over time have proven to be extremely beneficial. For this reason there are many different modalities of massage (sports, Thai, myofascial, Swedish, cranial, etc. just to name a few). Below is a diagram showing how the human touch, namely massage, assists.

Initiation of the pain cycle starts starts when a painful stimuli is introduced to the muscle causing it to contract.  Reduced localized blood flow results if this contraction is prolonged. Metabolic waste may accumulate if the area has restricted concentrations of oxygen available to cells.  When swelling eventually occurs, more localized nerves are compressed, and the pain intensity increases and the pain cycle continues. Secondary pain may result from these changes.

Massage introduced at any point of the cycle may interrupt this cycle.

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