Everyone Has A Why, What is Yours?

Everyone Has A Why, What is Yours?

Everyone Has A Why, What is Yours?

We all know what we need to do and what we should be doing to reach our nutrition and weight loss goals. The hardest part of the whole process is the actual “Doing”.  We all have everyday living obstacles, such as work, family, and just life. It does become a bit overwhelming to remember to take care of ourselves. Most of  the time, our personal goals and health gets tossed right out the window.

What exactly is a “WHY”?  The WHY in your life is knowing how to filter the choices we make at work and home to reach YOUR personal goal.

I thought I would provide some tips that may help with making time for exercise and nutrition goals.

Ask Yourself Why.

Why did I want to reach my goal?

  • To become healthier?
  • To get into those old jeans?
  • To feel more confident?

Asking ourselves our WHY, will help with understanding exactly the motivation behind what we truly want. Keep asking yourself WHY and once that is established, remind yourself your WHY.

15 Minutes At A Time.

Spend 15 minutes creating a healthy meal.

Spend 15 minutes walking or on exercise.

Take 15 minutes from TV time and exchange for 15 min on your WHY.

Align your schedule with your WHY and exchange low value activities for those that will help in your goals.

Create A Personal System.

A great way to figure out how to create a system that works for you is to add time to your schedule. A scheduled time on your calendar can give focus on creating a healthy living environment. To help in figuring out how to add to your schedule, create a time diary of your day.

Other time savors:

  • Keep fresh fruits and vegetables in plain sight as a reminder.
  • Reduce or remove treats.
  • Establish a routine in the morning or on the weekend for food prep.
  • Keep berries and greens in the freezer to last longer.
  • Keep a workout bag in the car.
  • Schedule fitness time on your calendar.

Many of us are in the same situation and are familiar with the day to day activities that become overwhelming. The 3 tips listed are the first steps in reaching your WHY. Knowing what works for you and your schedule will help you succeed in a healthier lifestyle. This may not be an easy task at first, but once it is done it becomes part of your everyday life.

Do you need help in establishing your WHY? Verdurous Me Wellness does offer a Free Consultation. We have many programs that will assist in helping you reach your goals.

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