4 Great Reasons to Visit Your Local Farmers Market

4 Great Reasons to Visit Your Local Farmers Market

4 Great Reasons to Visit Your Local Farmers Market

I am so excited that June has arrived. My favorite part of June is the openings of all the local farmers markets in the area. The best thing about local farmers markets are the fresh fruit, vegetables and of course, the unique vendors that sell their handmade goods. Southeast Michigan has several farmer markets that are available on different days of the week and in many different cities.

So, why do I love the farmers markets?

  1. Local Food = Fresh Food – Each vendor grows the produce they are selling and can share with you how their growing process is done. The farmers takes pride in their work because it is their source of income. This also makes that farmer a specialist in the produce they are growing and selling.
  2. Community Support – I love helping out small business and would rather give my money to the farmer and local vendor to show support. Not only do you get to meet the locals of the neighborhood, but also provide support for the community.
  3. Learn Cooking Tips – Some of the farmers markets will have food demos and tastings. The instructor will purchase items from the vendors at that market and use them to teach a cooking class. Not only do you get to sample the food when you are done, some instructors will hand out the recipe so you are able to shop and cook at home.
  4. Save Some Money – The vendors are able to set prices lower and give a great deal on produce. Most vendors are organic and are able to sell to the customer for a lower price then the grocery store due to minimal overhead. The farmer is able to do this because they did the work and delivered the produce them self.

There are many Farmer’s Market locations in the Southeast Michigan area. I would suggest trying as many as possible. Farmer’s Markets in different cities will have different vendors, farmers and artisans that are from the local area. Not only will you get exercise, fresh foods and get to know your neighbors, the small business vendors will receive your support.

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