Walk It Off

Walk It Off

We are into May and the sun is coming around more often. For some of us, it has been a tough winter and beginning of spring here in Michigan. Okay, well most of us! I feel like I am living in a snow globe most of the time during winter months. Now that the temperature is becoming warmer and the birds are singing. Maybe now we can take that walk outside we have been putting off.

Did you know that walking just 40 minutes at an average pace several times a week can reduce
heart failure, burn calories, boost metabolism and several other health benefits?

Here are some great tips on How to begin a walking program.

Start slowly – Make this an appointment in your calendar to alert you. Start with 10 to 15 minutes of walking daily for one to two weeks.
After the two weeks, increase to 20, 30, or 40 min.

Get walking shoes.
Sure any fitness shoe will work, but it is more beneficial to have a dedicated walking shoe. Not only will this help your shoes last longer, they will be more comfortable, safer and effective. The fit of your walking shoes should be comfortable and supportive. A great way to prevent injury is to replace your walking shoes often. The suggested rule is every 8 to 10 months depending on how much walking is done.

Balance out your walking plan with strength training.
Adding strength training to your plan will help with not neglecting your arms and abs.
By adding a few strength training exercises will assist in tightening up the legs, arms and abs.

Need a walking plan?
*Before you start any exercise plan, consult your doctor. Please,  follow restrictions and guidelines to stay healthy.

This plan is great for beginners or those who want to get restarted.
Monday – 30 minutes walking – moderate intensity
Tuesday – 20 minute walking – Simple full body strength training
Wednesday – 30 minute walking – moderate intensity
Thursday – 20 minute walking – Simple full body strength training
Friday – 30 minutes walking – moderate intensity
Saturday – 20 minute walking – stretching yoga
Sunday – 30 minute walking – fun type of activity

To make your new plan complete and get you on your way to a healthy body, add in a healthy meal plan. One common mistake is to overeat after exercise. Monitor your meals and keep them full of protein, vegetables and fruit.
A great way to keep track of your meal intake would be a journal, Myfitnesspal.com is an example of a great app.

Make adjustments weekly to your plan when needed and find new activities to keep your plan enjoyable.
A balanced exercise plan will improve your body composition, your size and your weight.
Overall, walking will help you reach your healthy living goal.