Overeating STRESS!!

Overeating STRESS!!

Overeating stressing you out?

Do you feel that your life is overstressed and leading to inconsistent nutrition and lack of exercise?

Most of us spend our days putting out fires at work, home and in everyday life. We have to do list, deadlines, and making sure others are taken care of, sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. For some, doing all these things and helping others can create a way to thrive on this impossible list and life that needs to be done. Facing and rising to the challenge of getting stuff done and supporting others can give a feeling of a high.
This high will last until the energy runs out and now there is nothing left over to help ourselves. Months and years go by of putting others first, multi tasking and getting that to do list done, most of us end up drained. We find ourselves become drained mentally, emotionally, and physically. We find ourselves letting self care disappear, clothing feeling tighter, sugar cravings getting stronger, exercise classes start getting canceled and stress of crazy diets take over. Yet nothing changes.

What if you could feel healthy, fit and good in your own skin?
Regain control of your schedule
Regain control of your body
Overcome emotional eating
Overcome negative cravings
Show love and appreciation to others and still take care of YOU!

    Tips to help get you back on track

Tip 1:
Build a better relationship with food:
Break the Cycle by writing down what lead up to the overeating, craving, or that out of control feeling. These are not random actions or came out of nowhere, something brought it on. Now let’s find out the reason by detecting and figuring out what created this cycle.
Tip 2:
Be consistent with diet, exercise and healthy habits.
Most of us have trouble staying on track with what new diet plan they are on. This process needs accountability for a healthy life. A step by step change that can be done in real life. The job, kids, commute, school, family and other daily life responsibilities. Consistency needs accountability to a supportive person that really works for YOU!

These tips are just the beginning to reducing stress and overeating. Most of us know what to do but have a problem putting it into action and find ourselves giving up. You have a lot on your plate, why not let someone else show you the way.

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