Sprouting – Organic, Natural, Nutritious

Sprouting – Organic, Natural, Nutritious

The first time I tried sprouting at home was for one of my Nutrition Practitioner assignments. I did not know what to think because at the time I was just getting them from the store. So, I purchased all the supplies, decided on the seeds and went to work. I followed the directions similar to below and waited, waited and waited. After the fourth day they were ready!. This was so exciting because I grew them and took care of them. I tried my sprouts and OMG!. The taste was different from the store and they were so amazing I could not stop myself from eating them. Now it is your turn to create a yummy treat that is not only good for your body but will make you proud.

What is Sprouting?
Sprouting is germinating seeds to be eaten raw or cooked. This germination can be done at home, purchased at the store, or from a farmers market.

Why Sprouted foods?
Many seeds contain anti-nutrients and other seeds contain lectins and saponins. An anti-nutrient is a substance that will inhibit the absorption of other nutrients. Lectins and saponins can interfere with the endothelial lining of the GI Tract. These substances can cause damage to the cell lining and villi of the intestines. This type of damage can lead to overall poor nutrition and in some substances, leaky gut.

How does sprouting work for you?
When a seed is soaked, the process fools the seed into thinking it is ripe for the growth process and will disable the anti-nutrients. The soaking of the seed will also allow passive diffusion of water soluble phytate and increase the enzyme phytase. This process will neutralize enzyme inhibitors and sugars that cause intestinal gas production.

Sprouting done at home?
The sprouting is done by soaking nuts, seeds, legumes or grains for several hours, then rinsed repeatedly until a protrusion is grown. This process can take several days and rinsing is very important.

The basic process for sprouting:
Soak seeds overnight (6-12 hours) in water. Optimal time for soaking is between 8 and 10 hours.
Rinse seeds 2-3 times daily, allow them to drain via sprouting jar or in tilted bowl.
Sprouts will be ready in 2 to 4 days, when sprout is ¼ inch.
Dry completely, and store in fridge for about 3 days.
Overall, sprouting seeds and nuts is a great way to increase bioavailability of nutrients in the digestion process. Sprouting increases enzymes and reduces GI distress when eating seeds, grains, and legumes.
To get started on sprouting and need more articles and information on how to at home I would suggest visiting SPROUTING TIPS. There are several local health food stores that may also provide the basic tools and supplies.

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