You Need RESILIENCE to Stick to Your GOALS

You Need RESILIENCE to Stick to Your GOALS

How resilient are you?

We all want to achieve our goals. For some of us that may mean physical fitness, health and nutrition or maybe personal happiness. Regardless of the goal, in the wellness world, we see the trend of New Year’s Resolutions that sadly are not maintained beyond the month of February. Why is that? Well, many of us like the idea of a new start and understand that setting a goal is a great way to head in that direction. BUT, often we do not recognize all of the steps required after that? Resilience preparation is required to get us to our end goal. You don’t fail because your goal is not achievable, you often fail because you are not resilient.

The dictionary defines resilience as our “ability to adjust easily to change; toughness” and our “capability to recover after compressive stress”.

Life has many adversities and daily hassles like work, families, relationships and other daily obligations. Burning the candle at both ends can bring on feelings of being worn out, affecting our ability to sustain goals. Overreactions to a variety of things, orfeeling like something is missing in life, adds to our stress. Learning how to become resilient helps daily life, relieves stress, increases happiness and helps you to continually move toward your goals.

This is why Verdurous Me Wellness offers Resilience Coaching. Resilience Coaching will help measure your own ability – strengths and weaknesses, by discovering and understanding how and why you think the way you do. It will teach you techniques to use everyday to retrain your thoughts. This allows you the self awareness and control to becoming happier, more productive, more successful and balanced in life. Our studies, as well as independent trials, have shown that Resilience Coaching is highly effective in helping you continually achieve new goals.

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, Resilience Coaching is right for you:

    Do you set goals but fail to meet them?
    Do you tend to get into negative thinking traps?
    Do you deal with negative self criticisms or negative self image?
    Do you deal with anxiety when making changes?
    Does stress hinder your enjoyment of life?
    Do you tend to shy away from problems instead of facing them?
    Is your physical health declining because you cannot control your nutrition goals?

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