Holiday Health Tips

Holiday Health Tips

This time of year, many of us turn into mindless eating monsters. Between travel, family events, holiday parties and just leftovers, we can gain an unwanted and surprising amount weight.

On average, most Americans gain an average of one to two pounds during the holiday season. The average thanksgiving dinner is over 3000 calories and can really upset the body. Most of us have a tendency to overeat and fill up beyond comfort from Halloween to New Year’s. When mindless eating takes over, we can find ourselves consuming foods just because they are there. There are several ways to bring the mindfulness back to holiday eating. When you pay attention to what is on the plate of food you are eating, small changes can make a big difference. With Christmas dinner soon following, here are some tips to bring that awareness back to the table:


Eat before your parties or before shopping. Prepare healthy snacks for the day to take along with you. This comes in handy during the holiday shopping season when stuck at a store or mall.

Don’t Skip Meals
Do not skip meals the day of large holiday feast or parties. Not eating causes blood sugars to be out of control and overeating.

Stick to your Exercise Routine

Being busy can become overwhelming and workouts are the first thing to go out the window. Keeping on track with your routine can help lead to healthier food decisions and keep the weight down.

Tackle That Buffet

Most holiday events will have a buffet spread of food. Outsmart the buffet with choosing balanced meals loaded with vegetables to take the edge off your appetite. Use a small plate and choose the foods you like best, then walk away. Make one trip around and choose the most nourishing foods.

Don’t Forget to Sleep
Sleep is very important this time of the year. Being deprived of sleep can lead to eating high fat and high sugar foods. We tend to stay out later with holiday parties and family events. Keeping your sleep at 7 to 8 hours will help with regulating blood sugar levels and control cravings.
These are tips that can help you awareness of the mindless eating the holiday season can cause. Do your best not to fret about overeating. Become aware of it and tomorrow is a new day. The most important thing to remember is to celebrate and connect with the people you love. Happy Holidays!

And if you need a bit extra help, schedule an appointment with one of the Verdurous Me nutrition practitioners for specific guidance: