Are there Natural Appetite Suppressants?

Are there Natural Appetite Suppressants?

The best appetite suppressants are the ones that help make you full while allowing your body to consume all of the necessary nutrients it requires to function at optimal ability.

Interested in learning how to CONTROL YOUR APPETITE?
Here are a few tips:

While many people may freak out with the thought of consuming fat, fat is a GREAT aid to control appetite. Not only does it help us to stay fuller longer, our hormones require small amounts of healthy fat to work properly. Despite what is popularly thought, consuming healthy amounts of proper fat is not going to make you fat. So, having small amounts of good fats like avocado, raw olive oil, coconut oil, etc. can help you get through a day better.

Minimizing certain sugars can be a huge appetite suppressant. When we consume sugar (especially high fructose sugar, processed sugar, pops, juices, starchy foods or dense grains/breads) our insulin levels peak to handle the sugar in our blood stream. When the excess sugar is finally removed from the blood stream, we are left with so little energy that the brain will demand more food, causing more hunger even though we made not need it. Be careful with certain processed foods that claim to be low fat or no fat. To make the product taste desirable, after removing the fat, companies will increase the amounts of sugar causing you to crave it more.


Eating balanced meals loaded with vegetables and proper amounts of protein is the best way to make sure you don’t overeat:
Don’t ever skip meals: A body in starvation mode is extremely prone to binging.
Be mindful of what goes in your mouth: When you eat too much of junk food, most people almost always cut back on healthy vegetables & protein.

Make a policy that at each meal you will get your veggies and protein in first, and then wait 15 minutes to see how hungry you still are before considering other foods.

There are no special pills here nor single foods to overeat. WHY? The best consumption regulation is proper nutrition. Give the body what it needs and it naturally tries to regulate. A healthy body is your best weapon.

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