Is Your Life Too Busy… easy steps to Mindfulness

Is Your Life Too Busy… easy steps to Mindfulness

Have you ever noticed that everyone seems to have crazy busy days? Our youth are balancing school and homework, instrument practice, extracurricular clubs, friends and often more. Our adults are working hard, running kids from place to place, trying to handle family responsibilities like financial planning, doctors appointments, daily calendar management and usually way more. Meanwhile, we “maybe” find time for the necessities like eating, exercise, sleeping and incorporating enjoyment. Because of this, many of us (and our children) are saying things like “I need a break”, “I have too much on my plate”, “I’m stressed”, “I’m anxious”, “I’m depressed”, or “I need everything to JUST STOP!”.

If this sounds anything like your life, you may need to practice mindfulness.


Mindfulness is our basic human ability to be fully present in any situation. It allows us to be aware of where we are and what we’re doing. It also protects us from over-commitment, over-reaction and even from being overwhelmed by what is going on around us.

We all possess this natural ability to be mindful. Mindfulness can be achieved through asking yourself simple questions, bringing awareness to your surroundings, senses, thoughts, or emotions:

• Is the environment I am in bringing me joy or stress?
• Am I (or we) putting as much commitment into time with friends, loved ones and enjoyable hobbies as is desired?
• What value do I place on enjoying life? Is it appropriate based on my health?
• If something brings me stress and I don’t have to have it in my life, what steps can I take to remove it from my days?
• For children: Are things that are enjoyed evaluated year to year to avoid them becoming stressors in the life of the family?

The last point can be hard for many parents, who dislike telling their children ‘no’. But we have to remember that it is the parent’s role to teach children how to move into adolescence and adulthood mental healthy. (i.e. My kid has played lacrosse since elementary because he likes it. However now, in high school with multiple AP classes, there is way more academic pressure. It may be necessary to prioritize nutrition and sleep into their life before signing up for the next sports season.)

Training the brain to be mindful, with practice, could ultimately remodel it’s physical structure. More and more studies are finding that this is possible.


With practice, you will feel yourself becoming calmer, kinder, and more patient in situations. The practice of mindfulness can help in many aspects of life such as work, family, romantic relationships, friendships, with children, and sleep. Mindfulness can help you Live any Moment of your Life… BETTER!


The first thing that is needed to become more mindful would be that you are willing to practice. Practice can include the following:
• Meditation
• Setting aside time
• Observing the present moment as is
• Letting go of judgements
• Allowing the mind to wander and wonder

You can practice everyday at any moment… in the car, at home, at work, anyplace you choose. This is not necessarily easy but, with more and more practice every day, you can become more aware and calm.


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