Refreshing Drink for the Heat?

Refreshing Drink for the Heat?

NEED A REFRESHING HEALTHY DRINK FOR THE SUMMER HEAT?…but, don’t want to take in a bunch of sugar or calories?

Try Fresh Lemon Water.

Drinking lemon water can refresh you, detox you and avoid extra unnecessary calories. Adding lemon to your water has tons of health benefits including helping with digestion, increased metabolism, detoxification, focus enhancement and raising energy levels.

How can it save you calories?

Well, water has 0 calories and a half lemon has only approximately 6 calories. Drinking lemon water could help you lose weight because you are not drinking in all your daily calorie allotment.

What health benefits does lemon water really have?

Lemon has vitamin C, Bioflavonoids, B Complex, Folate, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and fiber to name a few healthy benefits.

Are there health benefits in lemon water?

Lemon helps with cellular hydration in the body, increasing the regulation of the bodies temperature. Retention of water will also be decreased in the body, decreasing any bloating, puffiness and weight gain. The internal metabolism will be restored and the body will feel refreshed.

How does lemon water increase metabolism?

Lemon water helps to increase mitochondria count in the body. Mitochondria are where energy is made and they are in every cell of our body. More mitochondria means more energy and induced thermogenesis (creation of heat) which helps increase the body’s metabolism.

Drinking lemon water will benefit you in many ways. And don’t worry… If you do not like to drink lemon and water alone, mint or turmeric could be added to for more flavor and even more health benefits. So drink your lemon water and enjoy the benefits of hydration, increased metabolism, vitamins and a low calorie refreshing drink.

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