Women Supporting Women – Group Starting in March

Women Supporting Women – Group Starting in March

Women of all ages face a variety of difficulties in life every day. In this group, all are open for discussion. Group begins with calming the mind and body through meditation and stretching and continues on to topics chosen by the group or the group coach. Communication is encouraged, but not demanded, and positive, supportive respect is encouraged of all participants. Personal information is kept confidential.

Quarterly, the group will have the option to participate in an inspirational community project; family and friends are invited to join. This fosters not only personal healing but the ability for positive growth as we acknowledge the strength and joy of helping others that also struggle though possibly in a variety of different ways.

HOPE… is not pretending that troubles don’t exist. It is the belief that they won’t last FOREVER. That hurt will be HEALED; that difficulties will be OVERCOME; that we will be able to find the way out of the darkness and into SUNSHINE!

Support Group is FREE, but please register and join us