2017 New Year Sparktacular You!!

2017 New Year Sparktacular You!!

We are two days away from the 2017 New Year. Regardless of what you did in 2016, true HAPPINESS is available to you in 2017.
What do you want to achieve?

Maybe the answer is an easy one for you, but if not, today is a great day to give it thought.
Who do you want to be in 2017?

Don’t answer hastily, instead first think about YOUR DIGNITY. You can be amazing regardless of your weight, what things you wear or have, what you look like, etc. You are great from the inside out. So, as you think about that New Year’s Resolution this year, start on the inside. Is your heart happy with the decisions you make? Do the places you go bring uplifting positive joy? Do you have the support to be the person you truly want to be in life?

Verdurous Me Wellness Center is about helping you become the amazing person you are meant to be.

Come check us out and see what a difference the staff and members can make in your life. Education. Support. Friendship. Results. all wrapped up together. Yes, we will help you lose weight and work toward less physical pain, but we care about who you are first and always.

And to make it an easy decision, we are offering

New Year Discounts for 2017


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