Little Trainer BIG Fitness

Little Trainer BIG Fitness

She’s five foot nothing, but full of spunk and vitality. Daviana Butler is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a degree in Health Science and Exercise Physiology and Verdurous Me is proud to add her to our team as a Health & Fitness Coach!

Daviana is more than a personal trainer, however. Her skills come as diverse as they get… from balance and general exercise gentle enough for our senior citizens and children all they way up to coaching power lifting for competition. She brings knowledge and expertise to a diverse population. Huge on educating herself, Daviana is a continual student of all things fitness and nutrition. And here are some fun facts about our amazing new staff member:

• Yes, she’s actually 5 feet tall
• can deadlift 300lbs and squat 200lbs
• currently holds two Michigan records for deadlifting in her weight class
• has never broken a bone
• can read French but can’t speak it
• loves the Fall, rain her dog, books and Youtube

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