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Upcoming Events

You're not going to believe what you learn!
Tues. Feb. 21st, 7p-8:30p, REGISTER in ADVANCE for the Love Yourself 101 Workshop
30 Day Trial Available!
Invigorating! Relaxing! Positive Energy! See for yourself!



Meet Katie - BEFORE

She started with standard symptoms that many people face:

Lack of energy, intestinal issues, memory/concentration issues, mood issues, sleep issues, belly fat accumulation, anxiety and stress issues, and she turned to caffeine, sugar and medical aides with less than acceptable results.

But what makes Katie different is that she didn’t settle for that being her life. Katie made the radical choice to work with Verdurous Me professionals for a change of a lifetime!

Katie was coached through a gentle and gradual fitness plan that targeted proper fat burning and safe controlled movements. She also adapted a new and HEALTHY nutrition plan that increased her metabolism to provide energy, gut balance, relaxation and better sleep.


Meet Katie - AFTER

In just over a year’s time, Katie lost over 28% of her body fat (30 pounds of body fat!). She also gained wonderful confidence, making all of her natural strengths shine.

Follow Katie's lead and let us help you create your MAP (Metabolic Activation Plan) from the Standard American Health Path to Interactive Wellness.